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The influence of different marine currents on the Galapagos, provide the perfect environment and developed unique wildlife that inhabits the islands.

On these volcanic islands that never have been attached to the mainland, wildlife arrived in three ways:

Flying, floating or swimming

In the beginning, the long trip that those species did to arrive to the Galapagos was a tremendous effort.    Find the way to survive during this long journey and once arrived still continue living with a minimum of energy was really a challenge.

Little by little, those pioneers settle down and establish colonies that in the future will get adapted and changed under extreme weather conditions… giving birth to what Charles Darwin described as “Evolution”.

Now, as we might know, the Galápagos Islands are home of a large number of endemic species.

From the icon of the islands, The Galapagos Giant Tortoises, the Galapagos sea lions, Marine and Land Iguanas to the small invertebrates that are still under research.

We invite you to discover this unique paradise, where land and marine animals live in a perfect balance.   Experience with us in one of our diverse and active circuits the wildlife of this new world.